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Men caught stealing seafood, offer to officer

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FORT WALTON BEACH — A man and woman were arrested March 5 after they were caught stealing seafood from a restaurant cooler.

According to a Fort Walton Beach Police report, 40-year-old Joey Kevin Lindsey and 52-year-old Sam Foster Wheat — who are both listed as "at large" —  were caught on video taking items from a cooler at Bay Cafe.

The report says a delivery was made to the cafe with eight containers of crab fingers and 10 containers of other seafood items.

The men were seen on the video tape with one acting as lookout and the other swiping the food and the restaurant's cooler. Only the cooler lid was left.

Lindsey and Wheat were later located with the cooler and crab meat, which they offered to the officer. Since the food could not be used, the restaurant lost $165.50 worth of goods.

The men were charged with retail theft for the third or subsequent time.

Source: www.nwfdailynews.com

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